3 Things Thursday

3 Things Thursday is back at it again! Trying new things makes life more exciting and interesting; but sometimes making yourself try new things can be exhausting if it’s not something that actually brings you joy. Making slight changes in your everyday routine and adding new things should be fun! Here are 3 new things to definitely keep in mind: Continue reading “3 Things Thursday”

New in June

Happy June! We are almost halfway through 2016…time sure has flown by fast. Did you stick to your new years resolution(s)? Many of us slowly stray away from our goals and forget what we were truly aiming to accomplish. No need to worry! You still have plenty of time to meet your goals, check some things off your bucket list, and try something new. Continue reading “New in June”

3 Things Thursday

When was the last time you treated yourself to a little TLC (and I don’t mean the band)? lol. Totally just cracked myself up….Sure, everyone leads a busy life and although we don’t always have time to unwind, it’s something we all need to do every now and again. Whether your idea of winding down is going shopping, getting a little quiet time, or hanging out with friends, here are our top picks for this week’s 3 Things Thursday you should take into consideration!

1. Update your shade collection.  Maybe it’s just me, but every time I’m at the store, the main section I zero in on is clothing and I fail to even give jewelry and accessories a second glance. If I do, I feel like I always ignore one huge accessory and staple we all need and love; sunglasses!  Continue reading “3 Things Thursday”

Girl Power

Lately it seems that the main focus throughout friendships, businesses, music, and just overall lifestyle is girl power and women empowerment. It’s an important topic that should be discussed among ourselves. Throughout history, women have been told what do to, how to do it, and to act a certain way. We’re bigger and better than that! With our loving, caring minds comes even more drive, creativity, and intelligence. Who wouldn’t want that out in the world? Continue reading “Girl Power”