Lite Movie Night

Movie nights are always a fun get together for some much needed girl talk, laughter, and good food. Sometimes we want to pig out on pizza and beer, but other times we like to try to eat a little healthier. Rather than overindulging to the point where we can barely move, we decided to make a few snacks that we wouldn’t feel too bad about. First things first, we needed a tasty cocktail in our hands ASAP!

We started off with a Pineapple Upside Down Martini. This super refreshing drink had us feeling like we were on a mini vacation with each sip. It may not be the healthiest option out there, but hey, we snacked on pineapple slices to make up for it!

Here’s what you’ll need!

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Festival Fashion

Festival season is underway, which can only mean one thing. It’s that time of year again for music, outdoors, friends, freedom, and most importantly, rocking out in style! With Coachella (the most stylish music festival around) officially kicking off the season in less than two weeks, we’ve put together some of our favorite festival looks … Continue reading Festival Fashion

Milk & Honey

My favorite part about the weekends is brunch. I love it! The only problem is that no matter where I go, I always want every single item on the menu because it all sounds so yummy. Which is what happened this morning when I came across milk and honey on the menu of the restaurant I was at. … Continue reading Milk & Honey

Mind of Mine



Not going to lie, I knew who One Direction was but was never a huge fan. Then it was the major boy band headline when news broke that Zayn had left the group. My automatic thought was ‘Who the hell is that?’ and it was a memory that I never thought about again. Then months down the road PILLOWTALK was released. As always, when I find out about a newly released single I automatically go to Spotify and press play. Once I heard the single I was blown away. Where had this passionate, soulful voice come from and why had I never heard Zayn Malik sing before today? Continue reading “Mind of Mine”