What I Got for Christmas That You Need to Buy

Christmas is over, the tree is put away, and 2018 is officially in full motion. Woohoo! I remember when I was younger on the day after Christmas, all my friends and I would compare presents out of pure excitement and see what we got from our lists. That doesn’t really happen much nowadays, ’cause we’re supposed to be all happy that we’re around our families and all that…but I’m here to talk about it anyway! These presents I received from my dear loved ones may need to make their way onto your 2018 wishlist or they may give you ideas on what to get your friends and family. Here we go! Continue reading “What I Got for Christmas That You Need to Buy”

Soothing Sunday

Sundays have a bad stigma. People dread that day before Monday because they don’t want to go back to work the next morning. I mean, I’m not gonna lie…I wear black on Mondays to mourn the weekend. But I still like to make Sundays a day to relax and prepare myself for the upcoming week. It makes Monday much easier to deal with. Here are some things I do for myself for a relaxing last day of the weekend. Continue reading “Soothing Sunday”

Working Out and How to Stay Motivated

When it comes to working out, the hardest part for me aside from actually doing my workout is staying motivated and driven. Like I’ve said in the past, it can be extremely frustrating when you work your ass off and see no results. Okay, maybe I’ve lost an inch or two but for me if the scale still shows me I’m the same weight, plus a pound or two, I’m not convinced what I’m doing is actually working. Continue reading “Working Out and How to Stay Motivated”

New in June

Happy June! We are almost halfway through 2016…time sure has flown by fast. Did you stick to your new years resolution(s)? Many of us slowly stray away from our goals and forget what we were truly aiming to accomplish. No need to worry! You still have plenty of time to meet your goals, check some things off your bucket list, and try something new. Continue reading “New in June”

3 Things Thursday

With less than a couple of months until Summer is finally here, it’s time to get an early start on upcoming trends. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe, working out to get ready for bikini weather, or adding a little flare to your jewelry/accessories collection, don’t forget to try out our top 3 favorite things this month to prepare yourself for a stellar Summer.

1. Rock a new nail polish color.  Rather than spend a fortune on a set of nails at the salon, grab a bottle of nail polish, crank up the music, sip on a glass of your favorite wine, and enjoy saving your money for a change. There are so many great nail colors out right now!


Continue reading “3 Things Thursday”

(Don’t) Get Down With the Sickness

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, they also bring on cold and flu season…

We all know the feeling. You feel great one day, then you wake up the next morning with a little itch in the back of your throat. “Okay, no big deal…” you think, as it disappears throughout the course of your busy day. The next day, you’re overcome by a sore throat, congestion, sneezing, and a cloudy brain on top of that. All you want to do is lay in bed and sleep it off, but you can’t. Work and every day life gets in the way of that. Instead of stopping by the pharmacy and loading up on tons of different medicines to find some kind of remedy you hope will work (with who knows what else it will do to your body), try out some natural, home remedies for a relaxing fix. Continue reading “(Don’t) Get Down With the Sickness”

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