Oh My Gnocchi!

I am always looking for new ways to use up leftovers. So when my mom sent me home with some leftover baked sweet potatoes, I knew I wanted to stray away from my usual baked sweet potato with black beans, corn, cheese and sour cream on top. It gets old after a while! That’s when sweet potato gnocchi came to my mind. Yes, please! Continue reading “Oh My Gnocchi!”

3 Things Thursday

Happy 3 Things Thursday! While out shopping this weekend, I tried out some new things that have instantly become a few favorites. Starbucks Chile Mocha Frappuccino “Cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla get a stimulating kick from ancho and cayenne chile spices, blended with coffee, milk and ice creating an appealing balance between heat and sweet.” I love spicy food. … Continue reading 3 Things Thursday

Soothing Sunday

Sundays have a bad stigma. People dread that day before Monday because they don’t want to go back to work the next morning. I mean, I’m not gonna lie…I wear black on Mondays to mourn the weekend. But I still like to make Sundays a day to relax and prepare myself for the upcoming week. It makes Monday much easier to deal with. Here are some things I do for myself for a relaxing last day of the weekend. Continue reading “Soothing Sunday”