Wardrobe Essentials

My name is Desiree and I’m a shopoholic
“Hi, Desiree!”

I have a problem. I shop way too much. Lately, I’ve been trying to get into the mindset (it’s a start!) of getting rid of a bunch of clothes, downsizing my wardrobe, and sticking to some essentials with statement pieces mixed in. Here are some go-to essentials that are a must have in your closet! Continue reading “Wardrobe Essentials”

April Showers

One thing that seems to have slipped my mind about Spring is all of the rainy weather we get.  Usually I’m prepared and tend to keep an umbrella handy just in case, until now that is. You see…I tend to lose things, and this time I lost my umbrella and have no earthly idea where it is, but honestly it’s about time I started shopping for new one.  Continue reading “April Showers”