Wardrobe Essentials

My name is Desiree and I’m a shopoholic
“Hi, Desiree!”

I have a problem. I shop way too much. Lately, I’ve been trying to get into the mindset (it’s a start!) of getting rid of a bunch of clothes, downsizing my wardrobe, and sticking to some essentials with statement pieces mixed in. Here are some go-to essentials that are a must have in your closet! Continue reading “Wardrobe Essentials”

Buy or Bye? L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks

Are the new L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks worth a buy or should you say “bye!”?

I’m always into trying out new face masks. Not so much because I like to take care of my skin (I’ve GOT to get better at that…), but because I like to just sit in silence for a good 15 minutes and relax. I was watching a YouTube video the other day and an ad for the new L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks was playing. What caught my eye about the ad was that the girls in the video were putting 3 different masks on their faces! How fun does that sound? I got out of the video and started looking more into the masks.  Continue reading “Buy or Bye? L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks”

3 Things Thursday

Happy 3 Things Thursday! While out shopping this weekend, I tried out some new things that have instantly become a few favorites. Starbucks Chile Mocha Frappuccino “Cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla get a stimulating kick from ancho and cayenne chile spices, blended with coffee, milk and ice creating an appealing balance between heat and sweet.” I love spicy food. … Continue reading 3 Things Thursday