10 Accessories You Need This Spring!

Spring is officially here and I could not be more excited. One of my favorite things about the change in seasons is that new products are always dropping which is awesome because let’s face it, we all need a little change in our lives every once in a while.

From makeup, to fashion, to everything in between, here are the top 10 accessories you need in your life this spring season. 

1. BaubleBar – Elysian Embellished Headband


I’m not one for hair accessories, but after seeing this gorgeous and colorful headband from BaubleBar I think I’ve had a change of heart. 

2. Kylie Cosmetics – Bare | Velvet Lip Kit


These days, I’ve been trying to transition from bold colors into something a little more neutral and this lip color is perfect for the season. Especially since I’m planning on brightening up my wardrobe. 

 3. Sole Society – Floral Bloom Drop Earrings


Aren’t these just perfect for spring?!? Not only are these earrings adorable, they’re also the best excuse to add a little bit more flare to my current jewelry collection.  

4. Free People – Wild Heart Felt Hat


Obsessed! This is exactly what’s missing in my current hat collection and the color is so fitting for this time of year.

5. ModCloth – Showers Bring Flowers Umbrella


April showers should definitley be bringing May flowers to Texas, especially with all of the rain we’re getting this season. What better way to prepare for those rainy days than in style?! 

6. Kate Spade – Buzzworthy Folio iPhone Case


I’ve been putting off getting myself a new phone case for quite some time, mainly because I haven’t been able to find anything that’s really been worth spending money on until now…Leave it to Kate Spade to come up with the perfect phone case I’m missing in my life. 

 7. DSW – Dolce Vita Parin Sandal


I have been drooling over these sandals since they were released for spring, and I think it’s about time I just go ahead and buy them. Loving how cute and simple they are. They’ll pair just perfectly with my favorite skinny jeans. 

8. Urban Outfitters – Twist Wire Headwrap


Whether you’re heading to the beach or even doing a little spring cleaning, this floral  headwrap is a must. Plus, it’s under $20. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold! 

9. Lulu’s – Cool Green Sunglasses


I have never been a big fan of round sunglasses, but after seeing this pair while browsing through Lulu’s website I think I’m reconsidering my stance. I can definitely see myself rocking these out and about. 

 10. Urban Outfitters – Eddie Boxer Short


I just keep coming back to these shorts again and again. The colors are just so pretty, and it’s such a subtle way to brighten up your wardrobe. 

If you haven’t had the chance to add a little something something to your spring arsenal this season, now’s the time. Even if it’s just something small. 



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