What I’m Excited About This Season

As crazy as it sounds, Fall is only a month away. I’m pretty sure every year goes by faster the older I get! I’m here to tell you everything I’m excited about coming up this Fall! I’ll  even spare you the pumpkin spice everything – I know we’re all secretly excited about it. 😉 


Home decor – I always get excited for a new season or holiday because I can revamp my home decor. From candles to throw pillows, wall decor to wreaths, I’m always switchin’ it up. PS – stay on the lookout for a new home tour in the future. 😉


Wedding shenanigans ♥ – Hallelujah! It will all be over soon! If anyone ever tells you to have an actual wedding – DON’T. Just kidding…it’s been fun. But man is it stressful! I’ve got less than 3 months to get everything done and the Mr. still doesn’t even have a suit picked out. HELP!


Halloween – I love all things Halloween. Dressing up, scaring little kids, decorating the house, passing out candy, trying to find haunted places in the area…all of it! The past two years at our old house, we were deemed the best Halloween house in the neighborhood by a few kids. Yes. I’m bragging. This year, we better get the same title in our bigger, better house in the new neighborhood!


Fashion! – Of course clothes have to be on this list. Who would I be not to mention my passion for fashion? Bring on the big chunky scarves and booties so I can dress up my super comfy leggings and sweaters!


Brand New  How perfect is it that my all time favorite band is coming to Dallas just days before my wedding day?! It will be the last show my fiance and I go to as unmarried people! 🙂 Also, their latest album just came out and it’s AMAZING. Check it out below!


Taylor Swift – Miss Swift just announced her new album, Reputation, will be out November 10! I’ll definitely be on my honeymoon dancing around to her new jams!! Her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” came out last night. It’s the perfect song for Friday!

What are some things you’re looking forward to this Fall?  I’d love to hear from you!


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